September 3, 2013

Thumper Pond Wedding | Danielle & Zanik | Kris Kandel Photographer

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August 17th was a busy date for my family this year. A  friend from our church got married, my sister had her birthday, Indonesia (where we used to live) had their independence day, and I got to go to Thumper Pond in Ottertail MN to photograph Danielle and Zanik’s wedding!!  I’ve been really excited about this wedding because Danielle’s family has pretty much adopted me as their family photographer, so I’ve gotten to know them pretty well over the last few years. I’ve had the joy of photographing Danielle older sister’s wedding, I did her other sister’s senior photos, I did her cousin’s senior photos, and Danielle & Zanik’s engagement pictures last fall! So when the wedding day came around I knew it was going to be fantastic!

I have way too many photos so in order to keep this post from getting too long I’ll skip the getting ready and jump right into the moment Zanik first saw Danielle! Don’t you just love her face! Soooo excited!

You two are so photogenic it’s just crazy.

The wedding party was so fun too! And I love the colors you chose, so rich and vibrant!

The sun was so bright but I absolutely love the way these turned out. A perfect blue sky day on the Thumper Pond golf course!

After family photos my assistant (thanks mom!) and I headed upstairs in the Thumper Pond Lodge to the reception room to take some detail photos before the ceremony and guests arrived!

I used one of those round mossy decorations on the tables as a backdrop for the ring photos (the top image has the bouquet in the background to add in some color instead of a white wall), and I must say I’m rather proud of these ring shots! So cool.

Danielle was really smart to make her programs into fans since it was a hot outdoor wedding!

Before you know it it is time to walk down the aisle.

Laughter is always the best thing at weddings!

Mr & Mrs!!!

We headed into the lodge while the guests went over to the reception room. While waiting Danielle asked if we could do a couple photos at the bar, so after scaring away a couple sitting there (it’s amazing how quickly people move out of the way when they see a wedding party and photographer coming, lol!) we got these fun shots:

With a few minutes still to go before the grand entrance to the reception Danielle & Zanik were up for a couple more portraits around the lodge.

I loved this little corner garden we found!

Finally it was time for the grand entrance and a lot of laughs! One fun thing they did was for every kiss a guest couple would be called to show off how the couple would have to kiss. Some included air guitars, dancing, lifting the bride up high, and lots of  dips!

After dinner toasts are almost always one of my favorite times of the day. The photos say it all:

And then it was time to dance!!

Let’s get this party started!!

As we took our leave late in the evening we walked around the Thumper Pond Lodge to get a few outdoor photos with the lights on. We could here the throb of music and laughter through the open doors.

The sounds of a celebration that made me smile.

Thanks to everyone who made this a fantastic day, it was such a joy to be a part of it!! God Bless you all!

:::::::::::::::::  VENDORS   ::::::::::::::::

Venue and Catering: Thumper Pond, Ottertail MN

Wedding Hair: Thumper Pond Spa – Tracy

Videographer: Eclipse Multimedia – Amy

Wedding Cake: Thumper Pond Chef

Wedding Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses: Alan Evans Rand Collection

Flowers: Sarah

Tux: Tip Top Tux

Fargo Wedding Photographer: Me! Kris Kandel – Fargo Wedding Photographer – check out my facebook page

  1. Kris Jeske says:

    You did a awesome job on capturing all aspects of the wedding! I love all the pictures!! Wonderful wonderful!!!!

  2. Char Vollmer says:

    Kristina fabulous job as always! Thank you a million as we have such wonderful pictures to remember all these special occasions. We love you like family!!! Hugs!

  3. Wow! Lovely photos! There’s just so many beautiful photos. I particularly love the one with the couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen. That was an awesome shot. The candid shots were also awesome. Great job!

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