September 7, 2012

Danielle & Zanik | Fargo Engagement Photography | Kris Kandel Photographer

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I practically feel like THE photographer for Danielle’s family; I photographed Danielle’s sister’s wedding 3 years ago (before I started this blog), and her other sister’s senior photos (back when I did senior photos, now I specialize 100% in wedding photography!). I even took her cousin’s senior pictures! So when Danielle  contacted me a few months ago about her 2013 wedding I was super excited!! It’s always awesome to have a strong connection with people right from the start, no awkward weirdness to work through (and being hugged in the parking lot on sight is pretty special)!

 For the first few photos Milo joined us for fun! I think he stole the show with those big brown puppy eyes and happy face!

After Danielle’s mom took Milo home we wandered around the riverside, enjoying the golden sunlight and lush textures of all those grasses. I can’t get over how gorgeous Danielle’s hair is – so long and perfect!!

Then downtown for a more urban feel. If you’ve followed this blog very long you know I love my blue wall!

The fun thing about downtown is you never quite know what you will find. One day there’s a great sign, the next it’s gone. Someone paints over the wall you were planning to use, or in our case puts up a chain link fence in a strange spot… but cool for pictures! Keeps things fun and creative!

Love the genuine laughter going on, that’s true love right there!!

As I was taking the photo on the right (below), a car passed by with some young roudy guys who yelled, “That’s the WRONG angle!!”  I just laughed as I showed Danielle and Zanik the photo – we all agreed there’s a reason I’m the professional, lol! It makes a good story anyway!

Thank you guys for being fabulous!! I loved chatting with you and getting to know you both a little bit better. I seriously can NOT wait until next August for your wedding – it’s going to be awesome!!

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