January 28, 2011

What is SHOWIT?

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For those of you following me on facebook you may have heard of me raving about how amazing SHOWIT is. But what is SHOWIT?

It is a photographers dream.

Basically, instead of needing to hire a website designer every time I need to add or change something on my website, I can do it myself! It’s a fully customizable software program that gives me the freedom to keep my site up to date, ad notes when I’m out of town, list a 2 hour special, or whatever. I don’t need to know html, I design it and the software takes care of the details. It’s brilliant!

But the REAL reason that I love SHOWIT is the community. SHOWIT has a live web-cast everyday, tips, tricks, and nonsense. The people who attend the live chat are amazing. So supportive, and lovely. It’s a place where we can talk shop, ask questions and get help. It’s also a place to meet friends! I’ve made a new great friend here in Fargo who also uses showit. It’s kind of like e-harmony for photographers. ­čÖé

So thanks SHOWIT, you have not only changed my business, helping me to grow and expand, but you’ve given me new friends too. Who knew software could be so cool!

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  1. Penny says:

    Hi there. I had a question about showit. Does showit host your site as well as a content management system? As long as I have my domain name do I need anything else besides showit? Thanks so much!


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