February 2, 2011

About Me | Books

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I spent the last few days thinking about the “About me” page on my website. It’s actually the hardest page to make! I decided to do a slide show of my favorite things, things that inspire me, that I love. So I thought I’d start out a mini blog series on what each page represents.

First up: Books

 I actually had a hard time deciding what books to feature in the photo. I wanted colorful books because one of my loves is color. I also wanted books that represent me. What I love. History. Science. Art. Literature. Children’s literature too (Yes I am an adult, and yes I still love reading kids books). Many of my all time favorite books are not in the pile because they didn’t fit the mix, looked out of place, were too dog-eared, or simply (sadly) ugly!  Even though I love the stories, they didn’t make the visual cut.

Books hold a dear place in my life, and my family’s heart. We have books everywhere! I love the joy of learning new things, not only for myself but how it allows me to reach out and understand people around me. Being an avid reader makes me a better photographer, I can converse with people on just about any topic and make them feel comfortable (a vital gift in photographing weddings in Fargo or anywhere!).

My favorite reads (NOT complete, and constantly changing):

Non fiction:  | Garlic and Sapphires | History of the World in 6 Glasses | The Spy Wore Red | Salt | All Creatures Great and Small |

Fiction: |  Lord of the Rings | The Beekeepers Apprentice | Sherlock Holmes | Pride and Prejudice | Midsummer’s Night Dream |

Children’s Literature:  | Chronicles of Narnia | Holes | The Ordinary Princess | Ella Enchanted | A Series of Unfortunate Events | 


What are your favorite books and why? I always need another recommendation to check out at the library!



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  1. Abby says:

    love, love, LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KJK says:

    Thanks girl – but you forgot to write what your favorite books are! ; )

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