January 17, 2013

Adam Brant Wedding Cinematographer | And interview | Kris Kandel Fargo Wedding Photographer

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Last Summer at Jill and Darin’s wedding I met a curly haired young man carrying around a Canon camera – Adam Brant who turned out to be the videographer! It was so fun collaborating and chatting in the few slower moments during the day. I found out a few months later that he’s the brother of a dance classmate of mine! Small world. Anyway I asked Adam if he would like to be in my vendor feature series here on the blog!
So without further ado, Adam Brant: Fargo Wedding Videographer!
*All photos taken by Me at Jill and Darin’s wedding.
What makes your videography unique in the Fargo Moorhead area?

 I’m unique to the Fargo area because I’ve actually been through 5 years
of film school, unlike the other videographers in town. I’ve been
trained how to film and edit things on a professional level. I
actually like to call myself a cinematographer and not videographer
because I try to shoot my weddings with a cinematic eye.

*See Adam at work in the photo below! 

What sort of couples do you absolutely love working with?

 I enjoy to work with couples that aren’t afraid to have fun infront
of a camera. Your wedding day is special and being relaxed in front of
the camera will make a better video!

Is there a wedding trend that you are excited about?

I really like to see live bands at wedding receptions. I know it’s a thing of the past, but the BEST weddings are the ones with live

Why should couples invest in a good cinematographer?

You should invest in a good videographer for the simple fact that
the way people move describes so much
about a person. If you watch some of my past videos, pay
attention to how a person smiles or gives a hug and you can almost
feel like your there with them. You need to be careful who you hire,
just because they charge a lot doesn’t mean they’re good.

After working with so many couples and weddings what is one tip you
can give to a Bride and Groom?

The best advice I could give is that I have never ever ever seen a
wedding day go perfectly as planned. Almost every wedding gets a
little behind on schedule so leave some breathing room and know in
advance that if something goes unplanned it’s perfectly normal.

And the best way to contact you?

The best way would be to email me from my website
adambrantweddings.com or simply call me at 701-799-5709

Here’s the video that Adam made for Darin and Jill. You can spot me and my team working in several of the shots which is pretty cool!!

Jill & Darin Wedding from Adam Brant on Vimeo.

Thank you Adam for the fun interview! I hope your 2013 season is filling up well, and maybe I’ll have the pleasure of working with you again!

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