July 11, 2012

Fargo Wedding | Jill + Darin | Kris Kandel Photographer

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6-30-12 Jill and Darin’s big day! I’d worked with them twice for a mini engagement session to get some save the date images, and a ‘real’ engagement session later. So by the time the wedding day came we were all really comfortable with each other!  It always make the wedding day much smoother to have that background.

We started out at Hope Lutheran in north Fargo for the first look and a few detail photos, then headed to the Hjemkomst Center for a more relaxed outdoor setting.

I think the photo below on the right is my favorite of the day. Jill has such a great smile in in, and I like the little pops of orange from the flowers hidden in the bushes.

Back at the church I tried to play with the architecture and colors of the building. Turned out pretty sweet!

Jill has a large family with lots of young kids, so of course it got a little bit crazy trying to keep everyone happy. This little guy wasn’t buying it at all, but the photos are still amazing!
Before we knew it the wedding ceremony started.
Again the ring bearers stole the show. At one point I was afraid one of them had to “go” as he started untucking his shirt and doing that little dance. Thankfully the ceremony was almost done by that point so it was all good.
Some of my very favorite photos from every ceremony are the exchange of rings. They always seem to be hard to put on, which in turn makes the couple laugh. I love laughter!!
Darin rented a Hummer/limo for an hour so I hopped on to capture the fun. At one point we had to make a rather sharp stop, and everyone fell into each other, which got some great laugh, but personally I was thankful no one spilled their champagne on my camera!
A quick stop for some relaxed visiting for the wedding party. It was super dark in here, but I liked the way the images have a very Vogue/editorial feel.
Again, playing with architecture and reflections. Super fun!
Finally arrived at the Ramada reception – Mr & Mrs!!!
Family is so important to Jill and Darin, they told me several times how much they wanted me to focus on their nieces and nephews at the dance. Which was totally fun! They handed out glowsticks – always a hit with kids – and I got some of them to do some basic ‘light painting’ for me (creating light streaks in a photo). The kids thought that was pretty cool when I showed it to them!
The Hokie Pokie was fantastic with so many kids! Don’t you just love the images of the boys putting in their elbows and behinds, lol!
My last two images of the night have a story. This lovely little girl kept looking at me with this somewhat blank, slightly curious, and a little intimidated look. So I put my camera down and started doing the twist in front of her (the song that was playing) – and all of a sudden she just let loose and I got the most amazing photo of joyful abandon! It was AWESOME!! Somehow my willingness to look silly in front of her made her forget that I was holding a camera. Isn’t that great!
Thank you Darin and Jill for a great day!!
Wedding Flowers: Dalbol Floral – 1450 25th St. Fargo (701) 235 – 5864
Wedding Dress: Bridal N’More – 115 North 4th St. Bismark, ND (701) 223 – 9742
Wedding Cake: Karry’s Kitchen – 730 Front St. Casselton, ND (701) 347 – 4427
Suits: Tip Top Tux – 3902 12th Ave S. Fargo, ND (701) 282 – 6248
Wedding Hair: Missy @ Urban Hair – 881 Belsly Boulevard, Moorhead (218) 512 – 3000
DJ: Harmon Dance & DJ – (701) 730 – 0054
Vidography: Adam Brant – (701) 799 – 5709
Wedding Reception Venue & Catering: Ramada – 1635 42nd Street S, Fargo  (701) 277 – 9000
Wedding Photographer: Me! Kris Kandel @ Kandel Photography  Fargo/Moorhead (218) 206 – 4415
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