July 4, 2012

Grand Forks Wedding | Alicia + Ross | Kandel Photography

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June 22, 2012 – Alicia and Ross’s big day!! I was supper excited about this wedding because we hit it off so well at their engagement session – totally natural and comfortable together (and in front of a camera – YES!!). So I just knew this day was going to be awesome.

Alicia is so organized, each person had their own personalized (Very cute!) 3 ring binder with instructions for the day. And so many cute details that her family helped put together.

For her “something borrowed” Alicia wore  her mom’s wedding bracelet.  How sweet is that?!

I love first look photos – the excitement, joy and nerves are so beautiful to be a part of!

Aren’t they gorgeous together?!!!

The next photo is probably my favorite wedding party photo of the day. We hiked up and over the Grand Forks Dike to get the light falling on them (instead of behind like the photo above) – which created such a deep blue sky. I LOVE big skies in photos, it must be the pioneer stock I come from that loves the prairie feel of open space.

Back inside the church I asked Alicia to step over to a beautiful plain gray wall for a quick bridal portrait.  She is sooooo stunning!!
I won’t post all the family photos here, but I did want to thank these awesome ladies for all their help!! Alicia’s Aunts are the sweetest, craziest bunch you’ll meet (You’ll understand the crazy part at the Dance…). Thank you for making this day amazing for Alicia!!
 We took a quick minute to grab a photo together before the ceremony.  My assistants  (Sis & Mom) and I even received our own hand made pin/boutonnieres!!  Thank you Alicia!!! (By the way, we wore them again at the following week’s wedding!)
As guests started arriving the wedding party couldn’t help but peek out and comment on who was walking by. There was also a crazy guy on a motorcycle who kept passing by the classic car parked out front. He did at least 3 U-turns to check it out, lol!
Then the big moment arrived …
Mr. & Mrs. Van Eps!!!
I just love the photo of the boys getting all the can’s ready for the get away car!! And well, the car was pretty sweet too.
I jumped on the party bus and we caught up with Alicia and Ross a few blocks away, where they parked the beautiful car and hopped on with us. Let’s just say it got a little crazy – LOTS of laughter!
Meanwhile my Assistants headed to the reception hall to get detail photos – and boy were there beautiful details! I always love it when the Bride and Groom think of lots of fun activities and projects for the kids. Glow sticks, fun lollipops, disposable cameras, a photo booth, coloring books and crayons. It’s awesome!!
Instead of kissing to glass clinking Alicia and Ross had two donation jars on the desk, and depending on how much was donated they had different types of kisses. One Jar for the Cancer Society and One for the Alzheimer’s Association.  I heard they made quite a nice amount to donate, which is pretty sweet.
The toasts and speeches are always a highlight for me. It’s not uncommon for me to be laughing or get a lump in my throat as I photograph these moments.  It’s a great moment to catch parents & grandparents & siblings expressions too .
The DJ at this wedding had awesome lights – very vibrant colors – I didn’t increase the saturation or anything. It set a mood of festivity and fun!
I almost teared up watching Alicia’s mom as the Father/Daughter dance went along. It such a special moment.
Let the fun begin!!
Remember the “crazy” aunts comment – well here’s why. At every family wedding these fabulous ladies do a skit. This time they spoofed a SNL skit, which in turn was spoofing Laurence Welk. It was a big hit – and all the kids loved the bubble machine.
We left at about 10:30 for the drive home from Grand Forks, the whole way home we chatted about how fabulous and fun the day was! Thank you Alicia and Ross for being so natural and confident with me! I hope you love the images and enjoy many many many years of happiness together. <3
Wedding Dress: Alan Evans – Moorhead
 DJ: Backspin Productions – Grand Forks
Wedding Flowers: East Grand Floral – East Grand Forks
Wedding Cake: Hugo’s and Sally Swenson (Alicia’s cousin)
Wedding Reception Venue & Catering: Ramada – Grand Forks
Wedding Hair: Theresa @ the Ultimate Look  – Grand Forks
Wedding Photography: Me! Kandel Photography – Fargo + Minneapolis + Grand Forks wedding photography. View my: Facebook Page
  1. Alicia says:

    Oh my goodness Kris!!! I started tearing up looking at these pictures….you captured me and Ross’ day perfect!!! WOW! I will treasure all these pictures forever!! You are so talented and I am so lucky to have met you!! Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

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