June 21, 2012

Kelly Moore Camera Bag | Fargo Wedding Photography

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The last two year’s I’ve been using a make-shift camera bag for engagement sessions and during the ceremony. I found these two purses and sewed in Velcro strips, then attached some old camera bag dividers that I had laying around. It worked just fine! But there were a few problems. Mainly these purses were never meant to be really USED, so their quality went down hill rather quickly.

Three weeks ago the strap broke. It was just never meant to be used, abused, and loaded down with 5-10 pounds of lenses. Actually it’s kind of embarrassing but the strap broke in the middle of Mark and Kristen’s engagement shoot. We were out at the Rustic Oaks when it broke in the parking lot, landing on the asphalt driveway with a crash. Inwardly I cringed hoping my lenses were ok! I tried hard to not let Mark and Kristen know anything was wrong, so I quickly scooped it up and kept chatting, taking a quick peek inside –  to my relief everything was fine. Whew!!

That’s when I made the decision to buy a Kelly Moore bag – even if it was $150. At least I knew my lenses would be safe in the padding built especially for equipment. An insurance policy if you will.  I went on the Kelly Moore website and was a little disappointed that most of the bags were so big. I have a rolling Think Tank International V2 bag for all my main equipment at weddings. LOVE it. Can’t say that enough!! It keeps all that weigh off my shoulders and is so easy to roll around. Best decision I made last year.  So I really didn’t want a big Kelly More bag,  I just wanted a bag that would hold 2 lenses, a few memory cards, batteries and that’s about it. Something small to use for engagement sessions where I don’t need all my extra flashes and backups.

Then I found the Posey bag – it’s perfect!! Smaller, padded, strong straps. But the teal bag was sold out. I really wanted teal for several reasons, it’s more fun than black, but it’s not such an attention grabber as the yellow, orange or hot pink bags.  I try hard to be fairly invisible during a ceremony so I didn’t want a brilliant yellow bag flashing a “look at me” sign distracting guests! Plus I’m working on tightening up my branding this summer and will be using more teal… it would be perfect for my business (plus, I just look good wearing teal, lol!).

So I waited and checked the Kelly Moore website every day to see if it was in stock yet. Then one day I had a brilliant idea: look at Amazon.com and see if they had any… sure enough a teal Posey bag was available!! Soooo excited when it arrived!!! Isn’t it beautiful! I didn’t think I’d love the flaps/handle on top, but I’ve actually found them extremely useful!

It even has a zipped in pocket for my memory cards – oh the peace of mind having them secured!!


I used it at Jenna + Greg’s wedding, and it was exactly the right size, strap lenght, and comfortable too. The only thing that isn’t the greatest is my long 70-200mm lens sticks out a fair bit so I can’t zip it in, but with the flaps up it’s still protected so I’m perfectly ok with that. It’s not like I want it zipped in during a ceremony anyway, I want to be able to whip it out silently!
So yes, is it crazy that I get way more excited over a camera bag than I’ve ever cared about a purse, shoes, or any other accessory?? I’m such a geek.
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