February 12, 2013

Tripwire | Live Band Interview by Kris Kandel | Fargo Weddings

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One of the really fun things about wedding photography is every once in a while I get to hear a live band at the dance. It adds a level of fun that is hard to beat, and Tripwire is one of the best at keeping the energy up there!

Last summer I photographed a wedding where they were the entertainment, but I also had the pleasure of photographing Mark’s wedding (Tripwire’s Drummer), so I had the whole band to work with in the wedding party!

*All the photos in this post are from those two encounters – Jenna and Greg’s wedding where Tripwire lead the wedding dance entertainment. And Mark and Kristen’s wedding  at Rustic Oaks where Tripwire was the ‘best man” – all 3 of them. : )

So let’s get to the questions!

  • What makes Tripwire unique in the FM area? Tripwire is a multi-talented band that plays many different instruments in many genres of music.  We play music for everyone.  No age group will be scared away.  We are four friends who take the stage and have just as much fun as our audience.

  • What sort of couples do you absolutely love working with? We have been very lucky to work with such nice brides and grooms.  As long as they are ready for a great time, we will give it to them.

  • Is there a wedding trend that you are excited about when it comes to wedding dances? The trend that has us excited is that more and more couples are seeking out live bands for their wedding dance entertainment!  It is fun to hear how excited a couple is to have us booked for their wedding and live music really adds a unique touch to a wedding dance.

  • What is your favorite thing about wedding gigs?  It is always fun to be a part of someone’s big day.  With family and friends gathered, we get to end the day of celebration with a party Tripwire style.  Seeing the smiles on the newlyweds’ faces always makes us love our job that much more.

  • After working with so many couples and weddings what is one tip you can give to a Bride and Groom that will make their dance more fun? Relax and enjoy the night!  Talk to people, dance, and enjoy your time with friends and family.  We are just the icing on the wedding dance; the day is all about the happy couple.

  • And the best way to contact you about booking a wedding? We work through a booking agency called:Bitzer Agency at www.bitzeragency.com – (218) 287-2037 {Gary Bitzer}

Connect with Tripwire via their:





Thank you Tripwire for the fabulous interview and the fun time at two weddings last season! Here’s hoping we get to work a gig together again in 2013. 🙂

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