July 30, 2012

Fargo Engagement Session | Kristina + Brian | Kris Kandel Photographer

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You may remember Kristina and Brian from their mini engagement session last winter (for their save the date images). I just knew their ‘real’ engagement session was going to be a blast since our 10 minute session had so many fun moments, and boy was I right!! These two are so natural together, their playfulness and joy is so clear. It made me happy just editing the photos!!

The next photo is one of my favorites:

I LOVE how easily Brian and Kristina laugh together. Like REALLY laugh. That’s so awesome!

This location used to be covered in ivy (as seen in this engagement session), it covered all the walls up to the top. So I was totally surprised when we got there and the ivy was gone! Oh well, the main thing is Kristina and Brian still look amazing! : )

I’ve been wanting to try out the next two locations for a while, just never had the right couple for it, until now.

Kristina and asked me to find some tall grasses for their session, so two days before I went out biking to look for a good spot. It’s been a tough year for grasses because of our dry June, and most of my locations have been mowed under this year. Anyway I found a spot that had beautiful tall grass so we headed over, only to find that in the two days since my scouting it had been plowed under!!! What is this? First the ivy is gone and now my grass!! lol! But we found a patch of shorter grasses that had such great color and texture that I think the images turned out pretty sweet anyway! : )


Thank you Brian and Kristina for being so much fun!! I’m looking forward to your wedding with a lot of excitement!!!

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