July 24, 2012

New Logo | New Look | New Name

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I think I must be slightly crazy but I’m rebranding my business in the middle of wedding season! Actually it’s because I’m starting to book 2013 weddings so it’s time to get things organized for next year.

It all started with my logo. I’ve been wanting a logo for over a year but just hadn’t quite clicked with an idea. Then one day on pinterest (follow me here!) I saw the logo for the Ashoton Martin car. I really don’t care about cars, but their logo hit me because it reminded me of a pilot’s wing pin. And this is where the inspiration started to strike. After hiring a designer things stated coming together. Matt was awesome in being able to take my ideas & inspirations and putting it into a design (this is why you hire someone!). After meeting with him a few times we finally came up with this:

When I was little we used to fly around the globe from Indonesia where we were living, to the Netherlands to visit my dad’s family, to the USA to visit my mom’s family, and then kept flying around back to Indonesia.  I have a small collection of flight pins that used to be handed out to kids on international flights. KLM, American Airlines & Delta.  Because of all that flying and my love for it I wanted to be a stewardess when I was little! So the wings of the logo really spoke to me, reminding me of my childhood and love of people and cultures. Exploring with my mind (reading) and body (travel).

Plus the art deco lines of the wings tie in my history major, and even a slight nod to one of my first photography memories. I remember being about 10 years old sitting in the library with one of those oversized “the 20th century in images” books. As I turned pages I came across an image of Margaret Burke White sitting on the art deco eagle on top of the Chrysler Building. She’s leaning over her large camera taking a photo of New York City. I remember staring at that image and wondering how a person could be so brave for just a picture. How much she must have loved her job, to dedicate so much to it. In a way that image sparked my interest in photography. I wanted to know how she felt about her camera and the images she was taking. 

So I wanted to have strong art deco lines. Not just for the history and the nod to Margaret Burke White, but also because I’m very confident with my camera and business. I wanted that confidence to come out in my logo! But I also have a very free, calm way of shooting, so it couldn’t be to heavy. My photo style is very bright, so the space between  the lines gives that space for air and calm.  It’s perfect!! (Thank you to Matt Kinnick for an awesome design!).

Because I needed to have all new printed materials made, and we ended up with a logo that had two “K’s” in it, I decided to take the plunge and change my business name from Kandel Photography to my name – Kris Kandel: Photographer. It’s easier to remember me, it’s more personal (like I run my business) and it’s more modern. With Kandel Photography you didn’t know if I was a 60 year old dude in a studio doing head shots or what. With my name it give a clue that I’m a specialist in my field.

The practical side of the change is the painful part. Changing my url for my website (www.kriskandel.com) and my blog (www.kriskandelblog.com) and trying to get things redirected (not as easy as it sounds!). Re-installing all my clients personalized websites with the new url and manually redirecting them from the old one. Contacting the state and letting them know my business name has changed. Once I get the official paperwork from them I need to contact the IRS & get my tax ID updated. Facebook won’t change my business page name until I can submit documentation to them as well. I need to create a new email address with my new url. Twitter. Design business cards, brochures, thank you cards, address labels – everything!!! It’s overwhelming to say the least.

BUT I think in the end it will be worth it. To have everything branded and organized, in sync from top to bottom with my awesome new logo flying out to 2013 brides. It’s good. And I’m excited to slowly get it put together! What do you think?

Kris Kandel : Fargo Wedding Photographer



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