October 2, 2013

Fargo Wedding Photography | Katy + Mike | Kris Kandel Photographer

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 Get ready for a LONG post! Ready? Here we go.

I met Katy’s family several years ago when her neighbors, Danielle and Zanik’s family (see their engagement session and wedding), recommended me to photograph Katy’s sister when she graduated high school!  And by a strange coincidence, we found out later that I had also done her best friend’s senior photos too! So walking to that room of gals at the wedding was so much fun, full of familiar faces! And they had the dresses and shoes all set up for me to photograph, how cute is that.

Katy wanted to do a first look with the bridesmaids, loved that idea!

Then I headed upstairs to tell Mike we were ready for his first look, only he wasn’t quite ready yet.

Ok, here we go!! I just love how excited the both were all day. So happy! But then I knew from their engagement session that their wedding was going to be fun!

We hopped into the car and headed over to Lyndenwood park since it was the closest one to the church. Katy had mentioned this little spot to me earlier, and it turned out beautifully!

Katy, you ares o lovely! Your eyes just shine out so much joy!

Mike was even smiling in his kisses. Just couldn’t stop grinning all day!

Then it was time for the wedding party. We tried to work a bit quickly with the girls since one of them was fighting off the flu. Didn’t want her getting too tired out before the ceremony!

I was seriously impressed at her sticking out the day.

I always like the photos with a lot of empty space around people. Don’t ask me why, I just like the way it feels.

Then it was the guys turn.

I had scouted out a few days before to try to find the first yellow trees in the area – fall comes quickly around here!

Back at the church we did a bunch of formals and family photos, which I don’t typically blog because they are more interesting to the immediate family than the internet.

Details however, are adored by those online so I’ll post those. Feel free to pin them to pinterest. ; )

Katy & Mike had 4 bottles of wine with their different anniversary dates labeled. Guests were given special pens that they could sign their names all over the bottles as a type of guest book. How cool is that?!

As I was doing the ring shots using one of these blue circles (to match the Blue colors of the bridesmaid dresses) Katy came over and asked if I could take these “thank you” photos. I really liked the way they turned out by this wall! A playful yet classy vibe.

Then I headed outside for a few more details.

One thing I love about working with my team is having someone to take the walking down the aisle photos from behind while I get the front.

Olivet Lutheran Church is known as the “Swiss Cheese” church because of all the small round stained glass windows. Gotta love it when people have a sense of humor about their church! I also really liked their Tree of Life art sculpture (down a few images), Christ nailed to the tree turns into the tree of life.

With this ring…

Mr & Mrs!!!

While they headed out on the party bus I went to the Ramada to get photos of the amazing centerpieces  and room decorations done by Sadies Couture Floral and Event Styling!!

During the dinner if people clinked the glasses then a couple would be selected from the guests and have to show Katy and Mike how to kiss:

At one point there was a hilarious but embarrassing moment (I won’t post the photo for privacy) … a gal ran up to her husband and leaped into his arms, only he accidentally caught her skirt and as he lifted her up the whole room could see her blue undies. Yup, that really happened! A few reactions:

The room probably didn’t stop giggling for a good 5 minutes. Then time for the toasts.

The lighting  in the Ramada ballroom was so lovely. The pretty blues, plus the chandelier, and my external flashes made some really great romantic and fun dance photos!

Let’s get this party started!!

Gotta include a few funny shots as well as just plain awesome dance photos!

Thank you so much Katy & Mike for an awesome day! It’s people like you who make me fall in love with my job even more!!

:::::: VENDORS ::::::

Wedding Dress: Alan Evans – Moorhead

Wedding Flowers and Reception Decor: Sadies Couture Floral & Event Styling – Serving ND

Cupcakes: Angel Cups – Fargo

Wedding Venue and Catering: Ramada Plaza – Fargo

DJ: Powerplay

Videographer: Eclipse Multimedia – Fargo

Wedding Hair: Hair Success – Fargo

Wedding Makeup: Blushed Airbrush (Trista Chapman) – Moorhead

Wedding Photographers: Kris Kandel – Fargo Wedding Photographer – check out my Facebook Page

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